Coffee & Tea

Our lattes, teas and coffees are sustainably sourced and custom crafted for you.



Egg toast, delicious focaccia, vegetarian dishes and scrumptious salads are just the beginning.

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Made from scratch daily, our all natural muffins, cookies and biscotti are the perfect pick-me-up.


Smoothies & Juices

Made to order with the freshest fruits and vegetables, our smoothies and fresh-pressed juices are healthy and delicious.

Freshest ingredients, freshly made, always with love and joy. We are your neighborhood cafe, and we take pride in providing a fine cup of coffee and satisfying meals to all our clients.

We Know You Love Breakfast.

We do to, which is why we have all of our breakfast sandwiches and home made Belgian Waffles available to order all day. So if you are craving some bacon and egg between some toast, we have what you want the way you like it.

Price Range:
Breakfast (all day): $2-9
lunch: $6-12
smoothies or fresh-squeezed juices: $7.50-10
coffees, teas: $2.50-5.50


Frequently Asked Questions

• Style of Food: American breakfast and lunch with a vegetarian direction

• Favorite dishes: Smoothies, egg sandwich, avocado salad.

• Drinks: fresh-squeezed juice, coffees and lattes of every stripe, teas 

• Vegetarian/gluten free: absolutely

• Dog friendly

• Outdoor dining: yes

Food Menu

We source a lot of our ingredients locally, and when we can’t we make sure that we get the freshest we can to ensure that your experience is not only enjoyable, and fulfilling. But that it is one that will make you want to come back again and again. Cedarhurst makes your food fresh to order every time.

Come on In!


 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.


Sat-Sun  | 8:00 a.m.-2:00  p.m.





44 Crown St
New Haven CT 06510

About Cedarhurst

In 2009, brought Teri Bernet and Tom Panzella of Milford together, creating not just a romantic partnership, but a business one, including their
marriage in August 2018.

Teri, raised in Connecticut, had a busy work life in Florida and Kentucky, working in the cruise-line industry and then for a custom builder. Her marriage to a chef ended and Teri found herself back in Connecticut.

Tom relocated in 1990 to Connecticut after working at a Nuclear Power Plant in Texas for a new business opportunity, Donut Express on Woodmont Road in Milford. After five years, Dunkin’ Donuts bought it and Tom returned to engineering. After another decade or so his company wanted to relocate him to Chattanooga, Tennessee. He decided to leave his engineering job on Long Island, and tried his hand at professional poker.

After eight months or so Teri told Tom he needed a real job. He considered playing poker professionally a real job but Teri disagreed. They agreed to find a business to purchase as a joint venture. Teri found Greenwell Organic Tea and Coffee soon to be renamed Cedarhurst Café.


After finding the Café, Tom and Teri felt it was a good fit and fell in love with it. It was so quaint, the tree, the ambiance and everything. They both agreed they didn’t want to keep the name Greenwell because it was the previous owners last name. Inside the café is a trunk of a red cedar tree that came down in Hurricane Irene and was placed around a supporting column, which is really cool. Being that it is a cedar tree, and the street they live on is Cedarhurst Lane, Cedarhurst Cafe seemed to work.

Cedarhurst Cafe opened in November 2013, and kept a lot of the existing items because they worked; the smoothies, juices, all the coffees. They added to the coffees, to the teas, and especially, to the menu. Cedarhurst expanded beyond the previous vegan and vegetarian offerings to accommodate everyone.




They have a wide variety of both breakfast and lunch items including salads, sandwiches, wraps, belgian waffles, bagels, muffins and much more. The muffins are baked on the premises, the juices are squeezed right in front of you, and they added grab-and-go items. The biscotti are from Kathy’s Cookies in Milford.

The Cedarhurst Cafe is one of those perfect spots to spend hours on your laptop writing that great novel, or taking just long enough to slow down during the work day and take a break. And take a moment to check out the art on the walls. The exhibit changes frequently, and there is always a waiting list of artists who have applied to show work.